Thank You, CNBC!

Before proceeding, in the interest of full disclosure, I need to let you know that I, and members of my immediate family are proud, yet somewhat poverty stricken shareholders of General Electric.  The parent company of NBC, MSNBC and my personal favourite CNBC.

This post will not mention even once my distain for NBC and MSNBC solely becaause of their left wing political agenda.  Fortunately, the employees of CNBC have the freedom to express their opinions without being punished by those who command the proverbial mother ship.  I admire CNBC for their independence and for their effort to inform the business community about big picture as well as little picture issues which are of significance to us all.

I am here tonight sarcastically thanking the big shots at CNBC for something that happened earlier today. 

 “CNBC Reports” is a daily 8PM Eastern show which is a round up of the days events, not just in the business  world, but they frequently address how Washington’s decisions and indecision’s effect the business community.  The host, Dennis Kneale is an intelligent and witty young man (I believe he is slightly younger than I am) who I have had the pleasure of occasionally Tweeting with.  His job is not easy as they tend to have guests with various points of view and often Dennis has to become more of a referee than moderator. 

I assure you, there will be a point to this posting… just cut me a little slack, ok?

I started watching “CNBC Reports” daily not because of Dennis Kneale, who has worked at CNBC for 22 months now after a very successful career in business print media.  I tuned in because I was sick of Bill O’Reilly constantly bashing General Electric for everything from producing one faulty lightbulb to being responsible for the Iran/Iraq war decades ago.  O’Reilly and I see eye to eye on most things, but his daily ragging on General Electric made me want an option.  My TV is on CNBC virtually all day long, even though I receive Fox Business in High Definition.  Dish Network does not carry CNBC in HD yet.  So, returning to CNBC at the end of the business day was not a big thing and it got me away from that moron O’Reilly.  I stuck with “CNBC Reports” however for Dennis Kneale.  He is the show, I give him 1/24th of my day, 5 days a week and I am more than happy to do it.

Today, however “CNBC Reports” was reduced to 30 minutes from its’ usual hour.  Hmmmmmm.  Was this a new thing just on Fridays?  Was it a way to get “Options Action” into a slightly better time slot at 8.30PM?  Could this be a harbinger of things to come?  Could they possibly have the nerve to make this reduction in DK time permanent?  I hope not.

I am thanking the management of CNBC for this because it allowed me to spend 30 minutes on The Travel Channel watching some guy eat a 6 pound burrito in a restaurant in Las Vegas.  The show, “Man v. Food” is not educational, not informative and not even very entertaining, yet because Dennis Kneale’s show was reduced by 30 minutes, I had the honour of watching some chubby young man gorge himself in a contest in gluttony versus the clock.  Because I realise you want to know, the person was unable to eat the 6 pound burrito and thus lost the challenge and he did not get his photo on the restaurants “wall of fame”.  Sad, ‘eh?

I hope this never happens again.

A sincere and profound thank you to the management of CNBC for making my evening.



~ by tegold on 10.08.2009.

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