Why Do I Need A Blog?

I suck at writing.  I do not enjoy it, which I suppose is why I suck so much.  I had never really thought about my own blog until a few days ago when a friend on Twitter suggested that I should give it a shot.  I thought about it and realised that the statute of limitations has expired on almost everything I want to say so there is almost no legal reason not to give it a shot.

Since I know you want to know a few things about me let’s give it a shot.  This will be the Reader’s Digest version since I do not want anyone to be involuntarily sedated by this stuff.  I first saw The Rolling Stones in 1972, when I was 16… Feel free to do the math if you feel the need.  Since then I have seen multiple shows on every tour.  I have seen them in tiny theatres, massive outdoor venues and everything inbetween.  It is odd how a bandcan be one of the few constants in my life, but they have been.  I do not know how I will react when it comes to an end.  The Stones may figure prominently in future blogs.  After all, to quote the guy in that lift in Moncton, New Brunswick, “It’s only rock ‘n roll… but I like it.”

I used to photograph rock bands, including The Stones, Faces, David Bowie, The Runaways (at some point they will get their own massive blog entry) and other bands which I either do not remember or because of the 1970’s I am unable to remember.  It was fun, I got into clubs for free, I partied with rock stars but at some point I decided my education was more important so it was au revoir Hollywood.

I have lived most of my life in Los Angeles (I am a valley boy) , Cocoa Beach, Florida (very briefly, I bailed before hurricane season), Ottawa, the amazing capital of Canada and now I am near Palm Springs, California.  I am not a big fan of the desert, but why I am here deserves a separate entry, also.

I was going to mention politics, but I think I will save that for a moment in time when I am not mad at America for allowing itself to be duped last November.  LOL, maybe that was a hint of future political ramblings.

By the way, any photos I post here, including the header (which was taken outside of Perth, Scotland) were taken by me.  I have never taken a photo because I needed to, even if I was paid for my work, my photos are always taken because I wanted to.  There is no reason for me to ever post a picture which I have not taken personally.

I thought this was going to be a proverbial word marathon, but I am content with this.  However, I clearly did not answer my own question, “Why do I need a blog?”.  Maybe over time the answer will be obvious.

If anyone reads this I welcome comments or questions.



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One Response to “Why Do I Need A Blog?”

  1. Brilliant! I’m impressed 🙂

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